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Spravato for Treatment Resistant Depression

“I really want people to know that even if oral antidepressants didn’t work for them, they should not give up.”
Amelia M.; Edina, Minnesota

Amelia, 52,* is a real patient with treatment-resistant depression and has been compensated for her time and testimonial by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Individual results may vary. Testimonial filmed in 2023

Why Spravato®?

  • If you’ve taken two or more oral antidepressants and still experience symptoms of depression, you might have treatment-resistant depression (TRD).
  • It might be time to talk to your doctor about a different treatment approach. See what makes SPRAVATO® different and learn more about other patients’ experiences with SPRAVATO®.

Proven Effective for Treatment-Resistant Depression

  • You may benefit from adding SPRAVATO® to your existing oral antidepressant if you’re an adult with major depressive disorder (MDD) who has had an inadequate response to two or more oral antidepressants, known as treatment-resistant depression (TRD).
  • In a short-term study, more patients using SPRAVATO® plus oral antidepressant demonstrated rapid and superior reduction in depressive symptoms at four weeks compared to those who received placebo plus an oral antidepressant
  • Most of the reduction in depressive symptoms was seen at 24 hours
  • Between 24 hours and four weeks, both groups continued to improve; the difference in improvement between the groups remained but did not appear to increase through four weeks


  • SPRAVATO® plus oral antidepressant offers a similar safety profile to previous trials with a minimal risk for weight gain and sexual dysfunction compared to placebo plus oral antidepressant
  • Weight gain observed in patients using SPRAVATO® plus oral antidepressant was similar to patients taking placebo plus oral antidepressant
  • Sexual dysfunction was not seen in more than 2% of patients in the SPRAVATO® clinical trials

“I am in a better place than I have been — maybe ever. I think that’s an amazing gift.”

Grace K.; Colorado Springs, Colorado

Instructions for Use

  • You will administer SPRAVATO® nasal spray yourself under the supervision of a healthcare provider at a certified SPRAVATO® treatment center. Your healthcare provider will show you how to use the SPRAVATO® nasal spray device.


  • Watch the video to learn more about using the nasal spray.


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